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Wendee Lee

Developing whole, creative people
I help gentle creatives achieve powerfully authentic change
Who I work with

By ‘gentle creatives’, I'm thinking of people sensitive to their environments, situations and social energies, who yearn to make their rich inner ideas real.  

I appreciate how important it is to honor the creative call and understand how important it is to work with trusted thinking partners, make decisions that align with your values and progress at your own pace,


If you want to exhale deeply with a partner who respects the energy it takes to share yourself and your ideas, I’m here for you.

  • Making progress on a complex project -- like a life project, dissertation, or updating your portfolio -- by organizing your thoughts and planning your next steps.

  • Aligning your actions to values to express yourself with greater authenticity like making a significant life shift

  • Gaining confidence and clarity to set strategies to realize your plans.

We could work on

Get to Know Me

About me

I have a genuine interest in people. ​​


Through my career - engineering, design, teaching, and coaching –I’ve steadily closed the distance between me and those I work with. In turn, my work and professional conversations have become closer and individually significant.

My goal for coaching is to promote sustained, transformational growth in individuals and the communities they serve.

I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’m influenced by the values of mālama (to care for and protect), kuleana (responsibility we have for each other), and pono (living with integrity and a feeling of contentment when everything is good and right). Tradewinds, musubi, and the scent of lei made from backyard plumeria blossoms feed my soul.

My creative practice serves me in many ways. My everyday art includes watercolor landscape sketches, small multimedia paper projects, and art and bed-sized quilts. As an expressive outlet, I’ve relied on doodling to make my way through my doctoral studies and complete my dissertation. Some of my illustrations, the art I create to share, are included in books by Patti Digh.

I like working on projects with personal significance and am passionate about studying what it means to be creative, especially in educational spaces. One of the most significant insights from my doctoral research was how much faculty and students bring of themselves into the classroom. The idea that we are whole creative people guides my teaching, mentoring, and coaching.

INFP.  Maximizer, Strategic, Intellection, Individualization, Ideation. 

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My Values


I use art-based activities to help people relax into reflection, gather their thoughts, tap into intuitive knowledge, and reveal connections and new possibilities. 


One of the key goals of my work is to help others genuinely understand and express their values, beliefs, and identity.


I create space for people to feel supported to speak honestly so they can explore, find clarity, and access their internal wisdom.

My values
I approach coaching as a thinking partnership leading to personal transformation.

My goal goes beyond you achieving your goals. I hope you’ll gain insight to support meaningful growth and confidence to imagine and create the change in yourself and your communities.

My approach to coaching
  • Each session starts with a check-in and identification of a significant topic for our time together.  We’ll work together to define reasonable goals for that coaching session related to that topic.

  • I act as a thinking partner by having you consider powerful questions or work through artful activities to help you settle into reflection. I hold space for you to look inward to gather your thoughts, tap into intuitive knowledge, and gain new insight to reveal new connections and possibilities.

  • We’ll come up with next steps – these could be concrete actions to take or a plan of what things you’ll reflect on to decide on what’s next.

  • We close by creating a strategy and plan for accountability so you can move confidently toward your goal.

Consider coaching if:
  • You feel stuck

  • You want to gain clarity to make a significant decision

  • You struggle breaking a large project into manageable tasks

  • You want to strengthen the alignment of your actions with your values

Let's see how we can work together! 

Use this button to set up a free 30 minute exploration session. 

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