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Coaching includes: 

  • Online meetings conducted via Zoom

  • Shared online planning and notes 

  • Links to audio recordings of sessions 

  • Follow up emails between sessions

Exploration Session (30 minutes)

In this complimentary meeting, we can get to know each other, discuss what you'd like to work on and how I approach coaching.



Coaching series

includes a complimentary 30 minute exploration session

Gaining understanding that results in new patterns of thinking and acting takes sustained effort. We can work through a series of sessions to deepen your understanding and strengthen the impact of your actions. 

3 sessions: $275

6 sessions: $500

Scholarships are available for coaching sessions series. 

* Fees for a series of coaching sessions are waived through January 20, 2022. 

Let's chat!

Use this button to schedule a complimentary 30 minute exploration session to see how we could work together.

Coaching scholarships

My goal is to offer equitable access to the work I do, to transform the people I work with and the communities they serve. 

I am committed to hold a few spaces at reduced rate for those that:

  • are first-generation students

  • are supporting children or have other dependents

  • have significant debt that sometimes prohibits you from meeting basic needs

  • do not have a car and/or have limited access to a car but may struggle to afford gas

  • have medical expenses not covered by insurance

  • have no access to savings 

  • have no or very limited expendable income

  • receive public or government assistance

  • are an elder with limited financial support

  • are an unpaid community organizer

  • cannot afford to take time off from work without financial burden

This list is intended to provide a few examples to encourage conversations about coaching scholarships. 


Please take inventory of your financial and social resources.  When I am paid fairly by those who are able to, I can invest more time and effort toward lower cost or free offerings. 

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